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Sexy_Nisa ThrowBack fc

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Description: Sexy_Nisa March 7, 2012 homie I want to say this real quick. I would say I wish more girls would be like this, and have longevity like Sexy_Nisa or a MzRoberts, plenty more I could name. But point is, what I should say is I wish some of you guys would stop creeping out these girls and pointing them out on this site. By doing that you are 1, running some of them away, and 2 stopping them from making money. When they find themselves here it's a lot different, for some, than someone pointing them out here. If anyone feels your pain it's me lol But you know what they say money talks and bs walks a thousand miles. I guess what I'm saying is don't think because you, got a video of a model shared here removed, that you now will have her all to yourself. I guess that's what you be thinking smh. You will just creep her out and mess everything up for everyone. I'm done. I promised myself I would never touch this subject smh. I have sat in shows with some of you guys calling out shegotass.info Got a few new joints after this http://www.shegotasslive.com/cam/Sexy_Nisa/